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As we are not man-made and part of the natural world, we all have feelings and emotions. Generally, we categorise these feelings into good and bad. We strive to retain the good feelings and do whatever we can to escape or eliminate the bad and we live in a society that offers a variety of unhealthy solutions. But, what if I were to tell you that all our feelings and … Read more

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Your confidence will soar when you wear the right clothing to suit the occasion, your personality, your size, your body shape and your budget. You’ll also save precious time and money and alleviate any stress getting dressed when you understand smarter clothing shopping, a well-organised wardrobe and economical wardrobe planning.
Regardless of your age, height, weight or shape you’ll love this empowering, informative and thoroughly entertaining book that shows every … Read more

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Wendy is a professional freelance journalist/photojournalist and editor with 15 years’ experience in the media industry. She has provided quality news articles, feature stories, media releases, photography and editing for businesses, national and international magazines, a major Australian newspaper, country newspapers and a regional newspaper (including a five-year, two-page weekly column). She is also the former editor and publisher of Country to Coast Journal Gippsland Monthly newspaper. Her writing style is bold, succinct, well structured and easy to read. She is responsible, ethical, meets deadlines and delivers interesting, informative, thoroughly researched clean copy to specified requirements with high-quality images.


Wendy’s creative copywriting skills combined with her media networks and her skills as a journalist enable her to provide an exceptional marketing service that leaves her clients completely free to tackle other tasks. As former editor and publisher of Country to Coast Journal, Wendy has an in-depth knowledge of print/digital media and commercial advertising and can assist you with all your advertising needs. She also provides high-quality images, media releases, promotional features, website content, speeches, blogs, social media content, digital reports and publications and arranges quality website design, construction and services.


Wendy has the skills and the expertise to produce digital books, reports and other digital or printed publications. This includes ghost writing, editing, formatting, construction and publishing.

Wendy’s books, ebooks and other publications are published by BlackWattle Publishing, Australia.