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As we are not man-made and part of the natural world, we all have feelings and emotions. Generally, we categorise these feelings into good and bad. We strive to retain the good feelings and do whatever we can to escape or eliminate the bad and we live in a society that offers a variety of unhealthy solutions. But, what if I were to tell you that all our feelings and … Read more

Latest BlackWattle Book

Your confidence will soar when you wear the right clothing to suit the occasion, your personality, your size, your body shape and your budget. You’ll also save precious time and money and alleviate any stress getting dressed when you understand smarter clothing shopping, a well-organised wardrobe and economical wardrobe planning.
Regardless of your age, height, weight or shape you’ll love this empowering, informative and thoroughly entertaining book that shows every … Read more

Miners’ cottages and Alpaca fleece


The evolution of the humble miners’ cottage is a fascinating story about the way families adapted to their needs through the construction of their homes before and during the last century.  The simple, attractive architectural style that is more familiar and more defined than any other throughout rural Australia was not designed but one that evolved and is still evolving today. This extremely interesting story was published … Read more

‘The Dandelion’ a novel by psychologist Terry Guilford

The-DandelionOver several months, I have had the good fortune to work with Terry Guilford assisting her with the editing of a manuscript and writing content for the cover of her first novel while my colleague, graphic designer Kahren Richardson designed the cover. Terry’s book is a great read, one that is hard to put down and is now available on Amazon.


After discovering that her husband of 30 years … Read more

Respecting religious and cultural differences

Recently I received an interesting and rather amusing email from an endearing young friend who enjoys being an active member of a Christian Church, but has an interest in other religions. With his permission, I would like to share some of its contents.

G’day Wendy,

As I am sure you are already aware. Many people of faith are against having anything to do with another faith, and sometimes even learning … Read more