Content is still king and quality content is a must for business success

It’s sad to see great business ideas fail to thrive when it’s due to small things that are often overlooked. One in particular is content. Poorly designed, inactive websites with poor quality content and images can destroy a great business. Marketing and website content doesn’t have to be perfect but it does need to be engaging and worth reading to attract valuable clients and customers. There is nothing more annoying than reading through 500 words that say nothing or reading a message that could be conveyed in 100 words that has been spread out to 1000. Poor use of grammar and spelling mistakes are also off-putting. A call to action should be genuine and authentic not tacky and superficial.

Of course, not all of us have the skills required to produce what is needed, but using the skills we do have and outsourcing the rest is worth the extra cost to improve business prospects. I engage a skilled designer to take care of my website and it’s worth what I pay. If paying someone to design your website, create your images or write your content is beyond your budget, then consider doing it yourself and paying someone to at least edit it. A poor website can be repaired, poor images can be skilfully photo-shopped and poor quality content can be skilfully edited.