Miners’ cottages and Alpaca fleece


The evolution of the humble miners’ cottage is a fascinating story about the way families adapted to their needs through the construction of their homes before and during the last century.  The simple, attractive architectural style that is more familiar and more defined than any other throughout rural Australia was not designed but one that evolved and is still evolving today. This extremely interesting story was published … Read more


Town and Country Farmer magazine

Truffle, also known as the ultimate mushroom, is the fruit of a fungus that grows under the ground as a result of a cooperative relationship with the roots of particular trees – generally oaks and hazelnuts that have been inoculated with the spore. Although truffle growing is an old European industry, it is a relatively new industry in Australia with enormous export potential and some … Read more


Gippsland Country Life magazine

David and Merryle Johnson who are a creative and endearing couple, have a small picturesque farm in the little village of Nayook with a garden so beautiful it could easily be described in a great English novel.

Their pronounced love of gardening, garden design, the arts and gourmet food has led David and Merryle to the enjoyment of travelling the world to share their passion, their … Read more


The Australian Dairy Farmer magazine

Dairy farmer Aubrey Pellett, from Hill End in Victoria, was recently awarded a 2014 Nuffield Scholarship at the organisation’s national conference dinner in Perth. The scholarship, supported by the Geoffrey Gardiner Dairy Foundation, will allow Aubrey to study the future of productivity gain for dairy farming.

For seven weeks during June and July 2014, Mr Pellett will travel with a group of fellow Nuffield scholars … Read more


The Age

The gap is slowly closing for disadvantaged Koorie students with a larger number of enrolments from three and four-year-old kindergarten through to secondary level, a record proportion of Year 12 completers continuing to university, and a year seven to 10 school retention of almost 100 per cent. There is, however, still room for further improvement particularly in Gippsland.  Absenteeism among indigenous students in Gippsland has improved in recent … Read more


Gippsland Country Life magazine

Television scriptwriter, Ysabelle Dean started her career as a story liner for Grundy Productions popular soap ‘Prisoner’ in 1984. She is now writing scripts for the second series of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Melbourne’s own, extremely popular 13-part television series that was first aired in February 2012 on ABC1.

The series is based on Australian author Kerry Greenwood’s novels, the first written in 1989 about the … Read more

‘The Dandelion’ a novel by psychologist Terry Guilford

The-DandelionOver several months, I have had the good fortune to work with Terry Guilford assisting her with the editing of a manuscript and writing content for the cover of her first novel while my colleague, graphic designer Kahren Richardson designed the cover. Terry’s book is a great read, one that is hard to put down and is now available on Amazon.


After discovering that her husband of 30 years … Read more

Respecting religious and cultural differences

Recently I received an interesting and rather amusing email from an endearing young friend who enjoys being an active member of a Christian Church, but has an interest in other religions. With his permission, I would like to share some of its contents.

G’day Wendy,

As I am sure you are already aware. Many people of faith are against having anything to do with another faith, and sometimes even learning … Read more

Content is still king and quality content is a must for business success

It’s sad to see great business ideas fail to thrive when it’s due to small things that are often overlooked. One in particular is content. Poorly designed, inactive websites with poor quality content and images can destroy a great business. Marketing and website content doesn’t have to be perfect but it does need to be engaging and worth reading to attract valuable clients and customers. There is nothing more annoying … Read more

Our First Australians

Recently I wrote two stories about Indigenous people – one about Koori Education for ‘The Age’ and another about Indigenous artist Eileen Harrison for ‘Gippsland Country Life’ magazine.

The experience of engaging with Indigenous Australians to write these features has been an incredibly enlightening one.

Our First Australians are beautiful people who have the oldest surviving culture in the world. They have a spiritual connection to their environment that goes … Read more