‘The Dandelion’ a novel by psychologist Terry Guilford

The-DandelionOver several months, I have had the good fortune to work with Terry Guilford assisting her with the editing of a manuscript and writing content for the cover of her first novel while my colleague, graphic designer Kahren Richardson designed the cover. Terry’s book is a great read, one that is hard to put down and is now available on Amazon.


After discovering that her husband of 30 years is having an affair, the narrator of the story falls into what she describes as a deep, dark well of fear and despair. The thought of possibly losing everything in her life, including her sanity, encourages her to seek the help and support of a psychologist.

With the psychologist’s gentle and compassionate guidance, the narrator (who remains unnamed) travels through a range of frightening emotions encompassing rage, revenge, anger, frustration, overwhelm, pessimism and boredom.

Eventually she finds a glimpse of hope when she learns that she has the ability to alter her thoughts and feelings through practice, and understanding that her beliefs are just thoughts she keeps thinking. It enables her to begin making positive and courageous decisions for herself and for her future and she discovers a wonderful world beyond her middle-class comfort and role as a wife and mother.

About the author

Terry Guilford, who has had various occupations throughout her life, is a mother, grandmother and a practicing psychologist. She lives and works in a small, seaside town in Victoria, Australia.

Her aim through her practice and through her book is to teach people that they have the power to be, do and have whatever is important to them. Her interest in the power of thought and her studies of the work of Edgar Cayce, Louise L. Hay and Esther Hicks has enabled her, through her work as a psychologist, to encourage more people to become aware of their beliefs (thoughts they keep repeating) and their purpose in life.

Her novel The Dandelion is her first book and one that she hopes will inspire, entertain and give others insight, clarity and the courage to change and improve the quality of their lives.

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