Longwarry Food Park Media Release 3

Australian family dairy processor has strong future

Media Release

Longwarry Food Park, recently named BRW’s best mid-market business in regional Australia, was established in 2001 by its managing director Mr Rakesh Aggarwal to produce and export milk powder.

Since its inception, the company has proven its adaptability and resilience through various challenges, the most devastating being a factory fire in February 2012 when the plant was closed for seven weeks. … Read more

Longwarry Food Park Media Release 2

Mid-Market business award for Longwarry Food Park

Media release

Longwarry Food Park has been named BRW’s best mid-market business in regional Australia. The prestigious, inaugural Mid Market Awards,which are sponsored by GE Capital and form part of BRW’s annual Momentum series, focused on businesses between $10 million and $250 million.

While not generally acknowledged, mid-market businesses make up 1.4 per cent of all Australian commerce contributing $425 billion annually to … Read more

Longwarry Food Park Media Release 1

Recovery and rapid growth of Longwarry’s Gippy Milk

Media Release

Longwarry Food Park and Gippy Milk, the only 100% Australian privately owned full cream milk powder processing company in Australia, is moving ahead with rapid business growth, new products and a need for more suppliers after recovering from a fire in early 2012 that closed the plant for seven weeks.

The Aggarwal family business began operating in 2005 producing and … Read more

Melbourne Day Display research & copy

Melbourne Day

Research and copy for Melbourne Day display in the Eureka Tower for the Melbourne Chinese Museum
By Wendy Morriss

Melbourne Day is celebrated in memory of those led by Captain John Lancey who arrived on John Fawkner’s schooner ‘Enterprize’, and settled on the north bank of the Yarra River on August 30, 1835, at a place now known as EnterprizePark near Queen’s Bridge.

In May 1835, John Batman … Read more

Johno’s Promotional feature

Johno’s livestock feeders

By Wendy Morriss

Promotional feature – Southern Farmer

Geoff Johnson known by many as ‘Johno’ is a spritely 86-year-old zealous farmer that likes to solve problems. After farming for 70 years and working as a livestock agent for more than 20 years, he now manages a 200 plus-hectare beef farm near his home in Wonthaggi, and has recently started his own business producing transportable livestock feeders and … Read more

Johno’s Livestock Feeders Sales Page

An easier and more efficient way to feed all types of livestock…

Johno’s NEW innovative, transportable livestock feeders and troughs

Easy mobile feeding of hay, grain, pellets and silage in all seasonal conditions, no waste – simple, strong, economical and effective

  • Large or small rectangular feeders hold square or round-bale hay and silage
  • Feeding troughs with or without hinged roofing holds grain, pellets, small hay bales or water.
  • Sturdy galvanised
Read more

Johno’s Livestock Feeders Web Pages

About Johno’s Livestock Feeders

Geoff Johnston ‘Johno’, who has successfully farmed for 70 years and worked as a livestock agent for more than 20 years, is a man who likes to solve problems. He has used not only his own farming experiences but also those of his clients while working as a livestock agent to find a more efficient and economical way to supplementary feed all types of livestock.

After … Read more

Scarecrow VFX website

Welcome to Scarecrow the world’s first cloud based visual effects studio.

Scarecrow visual effects has been created using innovation, expertise and technology to meet the changing needs and demands in today’s essential VFX industry.
Scarecrow Visual Effects is a new secure, ground-breaking platform created for artists, filmmakers and content producers that eliminates the current market’s overheads, inefficiencies, redundancies and uncertainty to move forward in the 21st century of visual effects.… Read more

Is there a Santa Claus?

Virginia’s letter

In 1897, eight-year-old Virginia O’Hanlon from Manhattan asked her father if Santa Claus really existed. He suggested she write to ‘The Sun’, a prominent New York newspaper at the time, and ask the question, assuring her that “If you see in in The Sun, it’s so”.

Her letter appeared in the newspaper on September 21, 1987, answered by reporter Francis Pharcellus Church.

Now more than a century later … Read more


The Age

Small rural schools in West Gippsland are thriving in a well-resourced cooperative system and claim to now offer an alternative model of state primary education.

Small schools once served rural communities but as farms became larger, the communities became smaller and many of the schools were closed. However, with an extensive history of rural community support, the schools that have remained open in West Gippsland are well resourced … Read more