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An easier and more efficient way to feed all types of livestock…

Johno’s NEW innovative, transportable livestock feeders and troughs

Easy mobile feeding of hay, grain, pellets and silage in all seasonal conditions, no waste – simple, strong, economical and effective

  • Large or small rectangular feeders hold square or round-bale hay and silage
  • Feeding troughs with or without hinged roofing holds grain, pellets, small hay bales or water.
  • Sturdy galvanised
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About Johno’s Livestock Feeders

Geoff Johnston ‘Johno’, who has successfully farmed for 70 years and worked as a livestock agent for more than 20 years, is a man who likes to solve problems. He has used not only his own farming experiences but also those of his clients while working as a livestock agent to find a more efficient and economical way to supplementary feed all types of livestock.

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Welcome to Scarecrow the world’s first cloud based visual effects studio.

Scarecrow visual effects has been created using innovation, expertise and technology to meet the changing needs and demands in today’s essential VFX industry.
Scarecrow Visual Effects is a new secure, ground-breaking platform created for artists, filmmakers and content producers that eliminates the current market’s overheads, inefficiencies, redundancies and uncertainty to move forward in the 21st century of visual effects.… Read more