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An easier and more efficient way to feed all types of livestock…

Johno’s NEW innovative, transportable livestock feeders and troughs

Easy mobile feeding of hay, grain, pellets and silage in all seasonal conditions, no waste – simple, strong, economical and effective

  • Large or small rectangular feeders hold square or round-bale hay and silage
  • Feeding troughs with or without hinged roofing holds grain, pellets, small hay bales or water.
  • Sturdy galvanised welded construction is practically indestructible, ideal for feeding sheep, horses, cows, calves, steers, heifers and bullocks.
  • Stabilised, heavy-duty galvanised skids make them easy to transport around the farm in all seasonal conditions.
  • Ideal for yard weaning calves – then move their hay and grain out into the paddock with them.
  • The feeder’s unique gable-shaped floor means no waste; the feed is dry and can be moved with the livestock.
  • The feeding trough is sturdy galvanised framing, heavy-duty ribbed plastic with smooth interior, drainage plug and easily adapted for ball valve and outlet.
  • Livestock feeder and trough have multiple welded hitches for simple tandem towing using Ute or tractor.

If you have been searching for a flexible, efficient, simple and economical way to feed your livestock, this is the product for you.

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