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Geoff Johnston ‘Johno’, who has successfully farmed for 70 years and worked as a livestock agent for more than 20 years, is a man who likes to solve problems. He has used not only his own farming experiences but also those of his clients while working as a livestock agent to find a more efficient and economical way to supplementary feed all types of livestock.

After many years of using and testing various livestock feeders and his own prototypes, he has developed two outstanding, innovative designs that are efficient, mobile, strong, flexible, economical and reliable in all seasonal conditions.

Geoff is passionate about the benefits of his products for farmers. He describes his new patented designs as “world beaters” and “marvellous” and the farmers that are using them agree.

Livestock Feeders

Johno’s robust, versatile feeder designs puts money back in the farmer’s pocket and makes the task of feeding their livestock easy.

The large or small rectangular feeders hold either square or round bales and can be moved easily around the farm with or without the feed inside.

The innovative gable shaped floor with its rounded sides spreads the hay to the feeding edge eliminating waste while keeping the feed off the ground and dry. It also prevents the loss of any grain in the hay, which adds to its economic efficiency.

The heavy duty, galvanised, welded, steel construction is practically indestructible making it particularly ideal for feeding all types of cattle and other large animals.

Strong, heavy duty, galvanized steel skids make the feeder stable and easy to move in all seasonal conditions. If the livestock start to pug mud or turn dust around the feeder it can easily be moved to another position and consequently protect the pasture.

Johno’s Livestock feeders and troughs have multiple welded hitches for simple tandem towing using a Ute or tractor.

Feeding Troughs

Johno’s tough, rust-resistant mobile Feeding Troughs hold hay, pellets, grain or water and are available in either 3-metre or 6-metre lengths with an optional hinged roof.

The feeding troughs are constructed from sturdy galvanized steel and heavy, ridged, plastic with a smooth but tough inner lining making them durable and rust resistant.

The feeding troughs all have plugs for holding water or for easy drainage, and they can be easily adapted for a ball valve and outlet.

The height of the feeding troughs are designed to suit all types of livestock and they are perfect for yard weaning calves. The troughs can be put in the yard and then moved with the calves into the paddock without any disturbance to the weaning process or their growth.

The solid galvanised steel skids and chain makes moving the troughs around the farm very simple and easy in all seasonal conditions.

Used as a main feeding source or as a supplementary water or grain source, Johno’s troughs are perfectly designed to make the task simple and economical.

If you have been searching for a flexible, efficient, simple and economical way to feed your livestock, then Johno’s Livestock Feeders and Troughs are the products for you.

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