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Welcome to Scarecrow the world’s first cloud based visual effects studio.

Scarecrow visual effects has been created using innovation, expertise and technology to meet the changing needs and demands in today’s essential VFX industry.
Scarecrow Visual Effects is a new secure, ground-breaking platform created for artists, filmmakers and content producers that eliminates the current market’s overheads, inefficiencies, redundancies and uncertainty to move forward in the 21st century of visual effects.

Artists: At Scarecrow, we work for our artists to unite them and to deliver sustainable VFX job opportunities sourced from around the world in film, television, commercials and music videos under the supervision of award-winning VFX supervisors and producers to deliver the highest-quality visual effects.

Filmmakers: At Scarecrow, we work for filmmakers and content producers to deliver high-quality visual effects with a focus on cost-effectiveness, efficiency and transparency. All artists are vetted by our recruitment team to ensure, not only their quality of work, but also their professionalism and responsibility. In addition, all the work is online and available 24/7.

Technology: At Scarecrow, we leverage technology to ensure artists are free to deliver work in an unhindered, efficient and secure system.

Scarecrow Visual Effects combines what works well in traditional facilities with a modern strategy, centered on leveraging a vast and highly talented workforce in a sustainable, high-quality, cost-effective and highly efficient business model.

Scarecrow visual effects studio is an advanced secure platform that puts our clients – artists and filmmakers – above anything else.

About Scarecrow Visual Effects

Scarecrow Visual Effects is the brainchild of a team of executives from film, animation, visual effects and management consulting. The company emerged from the idea of harnessing the frustration, emotion and passion of the visual effects community to introduce a new way forward that is innovative, efficient, cost-effective and secure.

Our goal is to deliver the highest level of visual effects to our clients while providing a more lucrative and sustainable work environment for our VFX artists.

Our platform, security and software are our only expense, which frees us from maintaining large overheads to deliver real value with increased rates for artists and reduced costs for filmmakers.

Because our roots aren’t purely from the visual effects industry, our approach is from a modern, non-traditional perspective where our artists are not employees, but our clients as well.

At the center of our company is the cloud, which means everything is online and available in real-time 24/7. Our clients are able to watch, manage and see the progress of their work and review dailies anywhere in the world. Our cloud infrastructure is developed to maximize speed, flexibility, security and workflow management to ensure that our artists have the tools they need to deliver the highest quality VFX.

Our team of visual effects supervisors and producers work closely with directors to ensure we understand and fully realize the vision and work required. From there our team breaks down the projects into specific types of work, ranking the difficulty, artistic level, turn around speed and budget. Following this, our global network of talented VFX artists will execute the work needed on our platform under each project’s supervisor.

At Scarecrow, our platform is secure from the ground up. We are hosted on the same Amazon web services used by Netflix, Ubisoft, Lionsgate, Twitter, Nasdaq, SAP, Autodesk and many more. Through this platform, we are able to share, render and compute the outstanding work our artists produce.

At Scarecrow Visual Effects, we believe now is the time for the VFX industry to embrace and use the next stage in digital production.

Meet the team

Rohin Aggarwal
Rohin has an HBS MBA with four years of management consulting experience across multiple industries and geographies. His involvement in the family business (Longwarry Food Park) over ten years, helped grow it from a sole proprietorship to a $100M+ company. His experience in the entertainment industry includes an internship at Digital Domain and Viddy.

Andrew Miller
Andrew is former Executive Producer at Digital Domain’s Co-Production Group. He has previously worked at Creative Artists Agency in their Film Finance / Lit Department where he worked on internal agency packaging, independent financing, studio system deals and foreign sales.

Matt Davis
Matt is former Technical Director/Pipeline Developer at Dreamworks Animation. Matt has almost 10 years of media and technical direction experience in animation, film and theatre. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Washington.


Scarecrow Visual Effects is where artists do what they do best – create art.

Our platform is a place where approved VFX artists can find stimulating and sustainable work – not just summer blockbusters that are subject to seasonal cycles, but thousands of VFX projects sourced from around the world that are produced annually with varied release dates and work needs.

At Scarecrow, you will work with world-class VFX supervisors, producers and artists, each vetted by professional recruiters for technical, professional and personal capabilities, who have worked on some of the largest and most sophisticated projects at high-end facilities including ILM, Digital Domain and Hydralux.

Our VFX artists are able to bid on as many shots/projects as they want, work from wherever they are in the world and generate as little or as much as they choose to.

The Scarecrow platform will help guide you through the legal quagmire to set you up independently with greater ownership of the work process and the outcome.

At Scarecrow, you will work on projects that afford you more creative freedom. No more waiting for renders or reviews, you can do the work in your own time at your own pace as long as it meets the agreed milestones.

At Scarecrow, we have built a virtual VFX artist community so the sense of family and camaraderie that develops at a physical facility is replicated online.

With Scarecrow, you choose the projects you want to work on, where you want to work from, and the rate you want to charge.

At Scarecrow Visual Effects, we manage the clients, source the projects, maintain the technology, manage security and ensure you are paid so you can focus on the art.

Scarecrow Visual Effect’s revolutionary platform provides VFX artists with high-end sustainable work, more certainty, better rates and the creative freedom to be who they are – artists.


Scarecrow Visual Effects is an engineered, innovative, modern, transparent way of executing the highest-quality visual effects making it cost effective, efficient and secure.

At Scarecrow, we provide seasoned, award-winning VFX supervisors and producers with a global network of vetted high-end VFX artists at their fingertips to work specifically on your projects.

Our team work closely with you to ensure we understand and fully realize the vision and the work you require. The projects are then broken down into specific types of work, ranking the difficulty, artistic level, turn around speed and budget before our talented network of VFX artists execute the work under each project’s supervisor.

Going directly to VFX artists and leveraging their infrastructure via our platform allows us to reduce overheads, which brings your projects back within your budget range.

With Scarecrow, you don’t pay for artist downtime spent in reviews or rendering. The cost to you is the time the artist spends working on your shot so you pay less and get more on the screen in return.

Scarecrow’s platform is cloud-based so everything is online and available in real-time 24/7. You can watch, manage and see the progress of the artist’s work and review dailies anywhere in the world. It maximizes speed, flexibility, security and workflow management so our artists can work unhindered and efficiently to deliver the highest-quality VFX.

Scarecrow Visual Effects is 100% secure using the same platform fortune 500 companies use to provide services, and we use state-of-the-art techniques such as watermarking, IP tracking and file encryption to prevent unauthorized access and to track authorized access.

Because our model doesn’t require a physical presence, we are able to recruit the highest level of VFX skill and talent from anywhere in the world.

Scarecrow Visual Effects is a natural evolution of the VFX industry, we have appointed the best minds and we use the world’s best VFX skill and talent to deliver the highest-quality visual effects in a secure, efficient and cost-effective way.